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In keeping with the retro aesthetic of our client’s unique mid-century converted warehouse home in San Francisco, we have been commissioned to create a truly unique installation that not only compliments the house, but acts as the main feature and focal point of the residence. 


The building renovation, which has been curated by Dumican Mosey Architects, follows a minimalist and open plan format and is a perfect blend between modern and vintage style. 


As the works to the building progress in San-Fran, we have begun our work here in London.


We have acquired one of the coolest vintage cars of all time, a 1965 Fiat 500 F, which in its hey-day was one of the most popular city cars in Europe. The brief is to have the car suspended upside down over the clients staircase. 


Probably the most ambitious and exciting project we have undertaken so far.


Check out the CGIs (left).


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