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Vehicle Wall Art offers a wide range of wall-mounted car sides to fit any setting whether an office reception, retail entrance, or private residence.  


Our Mission is to showcase the beauty and elegance of world motoring and it's rich history. We become upset when seeing rare cars taken off the road, destined to be sold for parts or even worse....scrapped. Our aim is to restore vehicles that are no longer in use and display them as works of art to be admired by their new or original owners.


Each car has a history and a story to tell.


All our pieces are real vehicles that were once on the roads in the UK and they are supplied with Chassis Plates detailing the original;


Vehicle Registration Mark 

Chassis Number

Origional Colour

Date Of Origional Registration

Date of VWA Build


Time, effort and care is put into the design & build stages of our car sides. We ensure that every part maintains its originality to provide the perfect centrpiece of any collection.




Some cars have been left to rot in garages and the sentimental value alone, prevents a sale.  Others are too valuable to scrap or sell for parts and can be far too deteriorated to restore.  


We offer a service to bring back to life any vehicle that has an emotional attachment which can be handed down through future generations.

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